'EMV' stands for Europay-MasterCard-Visa, a global standard for cards with computer chips used to authenticate chip-card transactions.  These 'chip' cards offer enhanced payment security and consumer fraud protection.  EMV cards are also accepted more widely when traveling outside the USA.

On your card, you will see a small, metallic square which is the computer chip.  The chip stores information and will produce a single-use code which, combined with your card account number and expiration date, will securely validate each unique transaction, whether a merchant purchase or an ATM withdrawal.  Since the code is used only once, that transaction number cannot be used again.  Utilizing dynamic data in this way has dramatically reduced fraud in countries where EMV cards have been in use.


Your Progressive Bank EMV card will have a magnetic stripe, as well as the chip, so that you can continue to swipe your card in the same manner as your existing debit card at merchants and ATMs that are not yet chip-enabled.  Online and phone purchases will continue to work in the same way as the magnetic stripe cards currently do.

The cards will include FraudWatch@ Plus 24/7 monitoring for any suspicious activity or potential fraud.

EMV Example


  • Be sure to ACTIVATE your card using the number provided on the card sticker as soon as you receive it.  This lets us know that you are ready to begin using your new card for normal debit card transactions. 
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  • Remember -- while EMV chip-card technology may reduce fraud, it is still important that you protect your card and remain vigilant.

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Should you have questions about your new EMV card, feel free to visit any financial center or call one of our Customer Service Representatives at (318) 651-5100 for more information.